[Mesa-users] Running a Model from ZAMS

anne.thoul at uliege.be anne.thoul at uliege.be
Mon Feb 18 15:41:46 EST 2019

Hi Madison,

You can create a ZAMS model using  create_pre_main_sequence_model = .true. in the &star_job part of your inlist (default is .false.)
You need to save the ZAMS model you will create using
    save_model_when_terminate = .true.
    save_model_filename = 'ZAMS.mod'

In you use the following stopping criteria, the evolution will stop near ZAMS:
      Lnuc_div_L_zams_limit = 0.99d0
      stop_near_zams = .true.

Then you can continue the evolution using a new inlist with the following:
    load_saved_model = .true.
    saved_model_name = ‘ZAMS.mod'

I hope this helps and answers your questions.


> Le 18 févr. 2019 à 21:28, Madison Lyn Fitzgerald-Russell <madison.l.fitzgerald at wmich.edu> a écrit :
> Hello MESA users,
> I am trying to start from a 1M ZAMS star and run a model from there, and I'm trying to find the most effective way to do that. I've looked through the documentation and archive and am not clear on what would be a good method. I've been working with the 1M_pre_ms_to_wd test suite to run some other 1M models.
> Would it be best to create a ZAMS model and then load it into my pre_ms_to_wd directory? Or is there a way I can start with a 1M ZAMS star in the pre_ms_to_wd inlist?
> I'm running MESA version 10398 with OSX 10.14.2. 
> Thank you,
> Madison Fitzgerald-Russell
> Doctoral Scholar Assistant
> Department of Physics & The Mallinson Institute for Science Education
> Western Michigan University
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