[Mesa-users] Integral of radial wavenumber

Pedro Nuno David Gomes pedro.david.gomes at ist.utl.pt
Mon Feb 4 13:09:46 EST 2019

Dear MESA users,

In the history_columns.list there exists an output for the integral of 
radial wavenumber k_r,

      int_k_r_dr_nu_max_Sl1 ! integral of k_r*dr where nu < N < Sl for nu 
= nu_max, l=1

How can obtain the same expression, but evaluated in the region where N 
< nu < Sl, l=1, instead of the one presented in the file?

I suppose I have to use run_star_extras, which I already compiled, but 
now I don't know how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help. Regards,


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