[Mesa-users] some problems in using Mesa to calculate wind transfer

Lingrui Lin llrw at 163.com
Thu Dec 12 03:58:43 EST 2019

Hi mesa-users,
recently, I came across a very annoying problem.
SDK: mesasdk-x86_64-linux-20190503
 b%wind_xfer_fraction(b%d_i)System: ubuntu 18.04
I set b% other_binary_wind_transfer => wind_transfer_routine and specify  b%wind_xfer_fraction(b%d_i). However, nothing works to change b%mdot_wind_transfer(b%d_i). 
I tried to pint*,b%wind_xfer_fraction(b%d_i), and the output is always 0, even though the b%s_donor%mstar_dot is not 0. That's to say the 'adjust_mdot' subroutine in /binary/private/binary_mdot.f90 is not used in mesa.
Waiting for your help!
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