[Mesa-users] MESA with intel compilers

Philip Chang chang65 at uwm.edu
Tue Apr 30 11:50:04 EDT 2019

Hi Warrick,

It may be more trouble than it is worth.  But I have been able to 
compile this on exactly one supercomputer (stampede2) out of the few I 
have access to, which include: niagara (on scinet), and rusty at 
flatiron.  I haven't tried pleiades, but the setup is similar to rusty, 
so I doubt it will make a difference.

I am further constrained by the fact that I want to use both ifort and 
icc. That being said, I have found the following incantations and 
prayers to work for the icc gods at least on stampede2.

First replace in utils/private/utils_c_system.c

static const int LEN_TEMP=strlen(TEMPLATE);


#define LEN_TEMP strlen(TEMPLATE)

The first line produces a warning in gcc, but icc barfs on an error.

Second in crlibm/crlibm/Makefile.in/am

replace the compiler flag "-mp" with "-mieee-fp -O1"

You will need to do a rebuild to ensure that the flags get incorporated 
into the build.

On stampede, this compiles to the point of mesa star with "-O2" in the  
where it barfs on the unit test evolution. With "-O1" it goes all the 
way through.

I don't know if this help anyone out there. Mileage may vary. I seem to 
be able to get it to work on stampede2, but not on niagara, which is a 
similar environment.



On 4/29/19 3:27 AM, Warrick Ball wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> I've attached a `utils/makefile_header` that I just used to build 
> r11554. I'm using ifort 18.0.1 and I had to set the optimisation flag 
> to -O1 (rather than -O2, as distributed).  My University cluster 
> provides packages and libraries with the Environment Modules system, 
> so I get a convenient environment variable for the locations of the 
> HDF5 libraries.
> I just tried building with ifort 17.0.1, 16.0.1 and 15.0.2 instead 
> with the same `makefile_header` and `crlibm` built fine.  Could you 
> attach your `makefile_header` and `build.log` after a top-level 
> `./touch`?  In all three cases GCC is version 5.4.0.
> Regarding the optimisation flag, most of MESA builds OK with -O2 but 
> the `star` module fails its unit test.  The small test evolutionary 
> run just never seems to converge on a model and I've never really had 
> the time to work out why.  I accidentally did a mixed build of -O2 in 
> the modules and -O1 in `star` last week. That passed on *nearly* the 
> whole test suite.* The long and short is that if you're only using 
> some of the modules, you can possibly try your like with -O2 but know 
> that the modules are currently only integration-tested with -O1.
> I did spend some time building different files in `star` with 
> different optimisation flags and seeing when `star`'s unit test passed 
> and it looks like `star/private/star_bcyclic.f90` might be where the 
> -O2 vs -O1 problem comes in.  But even if that were fixed it also 
> looks like something in another module causes the few test case 
> failures.*
> Cheers,
> Warrick
> * For interested readers, the test cases that failed in my 
> accidentally-mixed build were
> 25M_pre_ms_to_core_collapse
> black_hole
> example_make_pre_ccsn
> split_burn_20M_si_burn_qp
> split_burn_big_net_30M
> split_burn_big_net_30M_logT_9.8
> ------------
> Warrick Ball
> Postdoc, School of Physics and Astronomy
> University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT
> W.H.Ball at bham.ac.uk
> +44 (0)121 414 4552
> On Sat, 27 Apr 2019, Philip Chang wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I heard a rumor recently that someone in the mesa community has gotten
>> recent versions of mesa to compile with the intel compiler.  Up to now I
>> have been compiling mesa with gcc (no supplied by the mesasdk) to
>> crosslink it with my moving-mesh code.  This isn't perfect as mesa does
>> not build all the way with compilers not in the sdk, but does build
>> mesaeos which is all I need.
>> I have gotten some limited progress with the intel compiler -- before it
>> was failing on crlibm.  Now it get by, but fails on a bad test
>> comparison in crlibm. If any can tell me their secret sauce on compiling
>> with the intel compilers, I would be really grateful.
>> Cheers,
>> Phil
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