[Mesa-users] MESA with intel compilers

Philip Chang chang65 at uwm.edu
Sat Apr 27 02:06:13 EDT 2019

Hello All,

I heard a rumor recently that someone in the mesa community has gotten 
recent versions of mesa to compile with the intel compiler.  Up to now I 
have been compiling mesa with gcc (no supplied by the mesasdk) to 
crosslink it with my moving-mesh code.  This isn't perfect as mesa does 
not build all the way with compilers not in the sdk, but does build 
mesaeos which is all I need.

I have gotten some limited progress with the intel compiler -- before it 
was failing on crlibm.  Now it get by, but fails on a bad test 
comparison in crlibm. If any can tell me their secret sauce on compiling 
with the intel compilers, I would be really grateful.



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