[Mesa-users] Segmentation fault error when running someone's inlists

Warrick Ball W.H.Ball at bham.ac.uk
Thu Apr 25 05:18:25 EDT 2019

Hi Chris,

I'm not sure this is quite enough to reproduce the problem.  In what order 
do you run the inlists that you've sent? i.e. what's in `inlist` when you 
have a problem?  Can you run an empty `star/work` folder without a 

I notice that all the inlists have the line

       mesa_dir = '/Users/yami/surfdrive/mesa-r10398'

in `&star_job`.  Is this a valid location on your drive?  Standard 
practice AFAIK is to set the $MESA_DIR environment variable rather than 
setting it in the inlist.  Try commenting out this line in each of the 

FWIW, the last line in the error trace is an I/O line:

$ sed -n '383p' ~/mesa/10398/star/private/history.f90
          if (open_close_log) close(io)

Also, it's better to copy text output into your email rather than 
attaching a screenshot.


Warrick Ball
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On Thu, 25 Apr 2019, mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org wrote:

> Hello all,
> MESA version: r10398
> I am confused with why some inlists I'm using to run a planet model, given to me by my advisor, don't run properly on my machine. We're running the same version of MESA, although she's on a Mac and I'm
> running Linux. Attached are the inlist files and my rn.sh
> Please let me know if any more information is needed! Sorry if I didn't provide everything.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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