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Jon Brase jon.brase at gmail.com
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I'm not so much an expert on MESA, but from a general computing perspective I have one question for you and one for the rest of the list that should help determine how likely you are to run into trouble. 
For you: What Chromebook model are you planning on using?
For everybody else: MESA specifies that it requires a 64-bit processor,  but are there any dependencies on x86 specifically? If there are no intentional dependencies, has MESA been tested on anything other than x86? Some Chromebooks (not all) use ARM processors, which may end up being an issue for Amber if MESA is (by design or because of a bug that hasn't been exposed in testing) not portable across architectures. 

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I know this is a longshot but has anyone tried to get MESA working on the new chromebook beta linux (not clean install)? Most chromebooks are probaly too underpowered to run MESA, but some of the google branded ones are pretty high end.
Amber LauerPostdoctoral ResearcherTriangle Universities Nuclear LabDuke Universityamber.lauer at tunl.duke.edu
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