[Mesa-users] Comparison of models between MESA v10398 and v11554

Ying Qin Ying.Qin at unige.ch
Mon Apr 22 15:21:00 EDT 2019

Dear MESA users,

We were trying to compare non-rotating and rotating models between MESA v10398 and v11554. I describe below how we did this comparison and the result we got.

We started with test_suite/high_rot_darkening and the inlist is attached for reproducing our test. 
For each MESA version, we tried two models, i.e., a non-rotating one and one with initial rotation rate of 0.5 w_crit. All 4 models were terminated at TAMS.

In the attached plot (he_core_mass vs. star_age), in the MESA v10398 the star has a longer lifetime for the rotating model and its final helium core mass at TAMS is higher (Turning off fitted_fp_ft_i_rot does not change this trend). This is what I expected before this test due to rotational mixing. However, in the MESA v11554, we got the opposite results, with the helium core mass being even slightly lower for the rotating model. Also, the plot of mass_conv_core vs. star_age is attached. It shows for v11554 the convective core mass of rotating models was almost same with the one of non-rotating models. But this is also different from the results in v10398.

I do not know if any users have already found similar results, or am I missing something ? 
I’d be very grateful if any user could give me some help. 

For v11554, the latest mesasdk was used, while I use MESA v10398 with mesasdk-x86_64-linux-20171120. The inlist I used is attached below.  

Best regards,
Ying and Manos

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