[Mesa-users] ./re functionality for cluster

amber lauer amberlauer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 16:47:44 EDT 2019

Is there a built in functionality to allow ./re to find the most recent
photo? Just trying to find the best way to get my cluster runs done, and
one of the sysadmin suggestions was a cluster partition (aptly named
scavenger) that takes advantage of checkpointed codes to stop and restart
runs when necessary.

I see a way to do this in two steps:

1) have the submission script check if ./photos is empty,

if so run mesa as usual via ./rn, if not do ./re via my altered re script:

2)Alter re to copy the newest photo to restart_photo via

*cp $(ls -t  | head -1) restart_photo*

and comment out everything above it. However, I almost usually find when I
want to do things like this that it already exists in some form. So I'm
checking with the mailing list.

Thanks to Rob Farmer's guide for many jobs
<http://cococubed.asu.edu/mesa_market/many_jobs.html> for his ingenious
method of setting up the overall structure.

Amber Lauer
Postdoctoral Researcher
Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab
Duke University
amber.lauer at tunl.duke.edu <amber.lauer at duke.edu>
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