[Mesa-users] Blue loops

Jeremy Sakstein sakstein at sas.upenn.edu
Wed Apr 3 10:54:26 EDT 2019

Dear Mesa community,

I've been using MESA to calculate blue loops for Z=0.0006 Cepheids in the
mass range [image: 5-13 M_\odot] and had a couple of questions I was hoping
you could answer.

Nominally, I am a theorist so my approach so far has been to use the inlist
for 7M pre MS to AGB with

mixing_length_alpha = 1.73
initial_z = 0.0006
alpha_semiconvection = 0.1
use_Ledoux_criterion = .true.

and cary the initial mass over this range.

Initially, I was only using 7-9 [image: M_\odot] but now I need to push to
a larger range and am getting funny results e.g. the loops cross.

I am wondering if what I am doing is sensible given that the physics of
these objects could be very different depending on mass. In particular, I
am not sure what people typically use for e.g. the semi-convection
parameter at higher and lower masses.

I'd be grateful for any help you can give.


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