[Mesa-users] Turning off angular momentum transfer in MESA

Gehrman, Thomas Charles thomas.gehrman at mnsu.edu
Thu Sep 27 14:41:27 EDT 2018

Hello all,

I've been trying to find settings in control.defaults and star_job.defaults to turn off MESA's angular momentum transfer during mass transfer. MESA's prebuilt angular momentum transfer spins up the gainer star in a binary star system to the break up speed too quickly. The spin down equations I'm using are no where near the same order of magnitude as MESA's spin up effects. MESA does a wonderful job reproducing the order of magnitudes I need to reproduce data of a paper for spin of the gainer.

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Thomas C. Gehrman Jr.

M.S. Physics & Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Office: N144

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