[Mesa-users] Plotting main sequence and subgiant liftimes

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Hi Nicholas,

it seems what you want to do involves combining information from multiple
simulations. This is not something pgstar is designed to do. So I'd
recommend you post-process your simulations and plot your results using
code outside MESA, for instance with python and matplotlib (
https://matplotlib.org/users/pyplot_tutorial.html). Since the MESA output
consist of ASCII files this is straightforward.


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> Hello all,
> I want to make a pgstar plot that demonstrates how the time a star spends
> on the main sequence (and the subgiant branch) varies with mass, where the
> y-axis is for* t/t⊙* and the x-axis is for (M/M*⊙*)^(-1/2.5). I could not
> find any option  in the pgstar defaults that would allow me to implement
> this straightforwardly, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> Nick Proietti
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