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Please attach your inlists and the nuclear network you are using.


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> Dear MESA users,
> I'm currently writing my masters thesis on bypassed nuclei.
> And I'm trying to look at average abundances of stable isos with different
> reaction rates (and they are shown in history file). I use network from Fe
> to Te.
> For example I'm trying to change reaction rates of 90Zr(pg)91Nb,
> 91Nb(pg)92Mo and 92Mo(gn)91Mo. Terminal tells me, that MESA takes my custom
> rates into account, but abundances don't change!
> I tried 'adjust_abundances_for_new_isos = .false.', so average abundances
> changed, but isotope ratio in natural mixture didn't.
> I tried pre_MS, initial and no model and result was always the same.
> Changing above rates to zeros doesn't affect the result. (I also tried to
> make them really small (~1e-100) and very big (~1e+60), nothing changed)
> Using:
>     num_special_rate_factors = 1
>     reaction_for_special_factor(1) = 'r_zr91_pg_mo92'
>     special_rate_factor(1) = 0
> didn't change abundances.
> How does MESA work with abundances and how to make it change them?
> Sincerely yours, Alexander Prosnyakov
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