[Mesa-users] adding atmosphere to pulsation data

Farag, Ebraheem Khaled farag.11 at lanl.gov
Mon May 21 13:13:58 EDT 2018

Thank you for the response!

I looked into */star/astero/inlist_astero_search_controls, as it was the test case spoken about in the thread you linked me. All looks well in the pulsation input section for GYRE except:

add_atmosphere = .false.

This statement circumnavigates the the question/problem I have. I want to set

add_atmosphere = .true., so I can include astmospheric boundary conditions in my GYRE calculation.

specificially I want to include the 'photosphere_tables' boundary condition.

I can include 'eddington_grey' and everything will be fine, but if I change to 'photosphere_tables', then I

will be given the

"Cannot add atmosphere to pulse
data") error string.

To prove this, I ran the astero module and output the pulsation p_modes it produced. I attached the parameter files "sample_0001.data".

I then created a plot of the l=1 modes. the plot is a comparison between observed and calculated modes.

Both models below are tuned for GN93 Z/X, Teff, L_sun, Radius, and surface Cs.

I attached a plot for the 'eddington_grey' l=1 modes as well, to show agreement to observed data.

here add_atmosphere = .true.

Also, I attached a plot for the 'photosphere_tables'  l=1 modes, here add_atmosphere = .false.

The observed data are from BiSON(Chaplin et al. 2007), LowL(Schou & Tomczyk 1996), and GOLF(Garcia et al. 2001) with observational uncertainties of less than 0.1Uhz

-Note how the 'photosphere_table' model diverges at high frequencies/n. I think this is due to the add_atmosphere = .false. error string I'm wondering about. If I set add_atmosphere = .false. for the 'eddington_grey'  atm model,

I get a very similar frequency plot, that diverges toward negatively at higher frequencies.

Please, If you'd like me to attach any files or if my question is unclear, let me know.



From: Warrick Ball <wball at bison.ph.bham.ac.uk>
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To: Farag, Ebraheem Khaled
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Subject: Re: [Mesa-users] adding atmosphere to pulsation data

Hi Embraheem,

Searching the error string you provided ("Cannot add atmosphere to pulse
data") on the MESA users list gives this result:


Try reading the next message in that thread (my reply) and if that doesn't
help, let us know what else you're asking.


Warrick Ball
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On Fri, 18 May 2018, mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to output pulsation data to a .mesa file for use in GYRE pulsation calculations. I am using the example_solar_model in the test_suite, similar to simplex_solar_calibration.
> I have the following listed in my inlist
> &
> save_pulse_data_when_terminate = .TRUE.
>   save_pulse_data_filename = 'sun.mesa'
> &controls
> "!New output controls for Pulsation data.
> write_pulse_data_with_profile = .true.
> pulse_data_format = 'GYRE'
> write_pulsation_plot_data = .true.
> add_atmosphere_to_pulse_data = .true.
> add_double_points_to_pulse_data = .true.
> interpolate_rho_for_pulse_data = .true.
> The problem I have run into, is that Mesa will not produce the sun.mesa file and instead prints
> "
> save LOGS/profile2.data Cannot add atmosphere to pulse data when which_atm_option = photosphere_tables
> failed in do_create_atm
> save_pulsation_info failed to open LOGS/profile2.data.GYRE
> for model 7
> "
> in the terminal when, which_atm_option = 'photosphere_tables'
> in the &controls section of the inlist. As a result I am left to setting
> add_atmosphere_to_pulse_data = .true. ---> .false.
> making this flag .false. causes my p_modes to diverge drastically.
> On the other hand, if i use
> which_atm_option = 'simple_photosphere' or 'Eddington_grey' etc.
> all is well, and the p_mode for my solar model are comparable to helioseismic data.
> Given the instument papers label 'photosphere_tables' as being the most accurate method of modeling the
> atmosphere for a 1M solar model, can I get some information on this issue? Why can't I set add_atmosphere_to_pulse_data = .true.? Is this the reason for the divergence in the p-modes I'm observing?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ebraheem
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