[Mesa-users] MESA FAQ

Warrick Ball wball at bison.ph.bham.ac.uk
Thu Mar 29 16:08:05 EDT 2018

Hi Calum,

I'm not a build expert but in a bid to try to help (others have already 
pointed you to other relevant parts of the website), have you looked at


also in the FAQ?  In particular,

"If you receive the error ... during the MESA installation of crlibm, 
please check that you are not using an unsupported 32-bit system."

In particular, the lines

     checking build system type... i386-apple-darwin17.2.0
     checking host system type... i386-apple-darwin17.2.0

in your `tester.log` suggests to me that you're on a 32-bit system, on 
which MESA isn't supported.



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On Thu, 29 Mar 2018, mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org wrote:

> Hello,
> I am having difficulties with the installation of MESA and was told by the FAQ page to email this address in the event that I encountered the following issue:
> /mesa-r10398/crlibm
> ./build_and_test FAILED
> The tester.log file is attached. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Calum Jones

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