[Mesa-users] Opacity discontinuity

Zhang, Zhaoxi M. (Michael) mz at astro.caltech.edu
Fri Mar 9 17:57:39 EST 2018

Hello MESA users,

I'm using OP opacities to model a white dwarf, and getting discontinuities in the opacity (see plot).  The opacity suddenly drops from 20 to 2 within a single grid cell before climbing back up, all within a very narrow log(1-q) range.  These discontinuities are wreaking havoc on the timestep, as the structure around the discontinuities is forced to change on a very small timescale.

Does anyone know what might be causing these discontinuities around T=6960 and rho=2.3e-6?  I don't get any errors from OP.  I'm diving into the tables, but thought that I should ask here before diving too deep.


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