[Mesa-users] FYI website down

amber lauer amber.lauer at tunl.duke.edu
Mon Feb 19 14:41:03 EST 2018

No, I'm ok, I was just letting everyone know so they can be prepared in
case access remains down for those who really do need it.

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 2:38 PM, Josiah Schwab <jwschwab at ucsc.edu> wrote:

> Hi Amber,
> Hopefully sourceforge gets its servers moving again.  Not much we can do.
> If you need this urgently, you can try getting a copy of the svn repo via
> rsync and then do an svn checkout from that.  The advantage here is the
> rsync may fail too, but your previous progress will be preserved, so you
> can just keep re-running rsync, getting a little more each time..  Do
> something like
>   # rsync copy of svn repo
>   export MESA_SVN_RSYNC=/path/to/save/mesa-svn-rsync
>   rsync -av svn.code.sf.net::p/mesa/code/* ${MESA_SVN_RSYNC}
> Then once it works
>   # checkout MESA from rsync clone
>   svn co file://${MESA_SVN_RSYNC}/trunk mesa-svn
> Hope that helps,
> Josiah

Amber Lauer
Postdoctoral Researcher
Triangle University Nuclear Lab
Duke University
amber.lauer at tunl.duke.edu <amber.lauer at duke.edu>
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