[Mesa-users] FYI website down

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at ucsc.edu
Mon Feb 19 14:38:29 EST 2018

Hi Amber,

Hopefully sourceforge gets its servers moving again.  Not much we can do.

If you need this urgently, you can try getting a copy of the svn repo via
rsync and then do an svn checkout from that.  The advantage here is the
rsync may fail too, but your previous progress will be preserved, so you
can just keep re-running rsync, getting a little more each time..  Do
something like

  # rsync copy of svn repo
  export MESA_SVN_RSYNC=/path/to/save/mesa-svn-rsync
  rsync -av svn.code.sf.net::p/mesa/code/* ${MESA_SVN_RSYNC}

Then once it works

  # checkout MESA from rsync clone
  svn co file://${MESA_SVN_RSYNC}/trunk mesa-svn

Hope that helps,
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