[Mesa-users] custom rates

Rob Farmer r.j.farmer at uva.nl
Thu Feb 15 15:00:39 EST 2018

Sorry should of been clear they should be called "<rate_name>0.bin"  for
custom rates


On 15 February 2018 at 20:38, amber lauer <amber.lauer at tunl.duke.edu> wrote:

> Do you mean a standalone file called "o.bin" or that all the files should
> be called "<rate_name>0.bin" ? All the files are presently named
> "<rate_name>1.bin" so I assume that means they are the normal rates.
> On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 2:35 PM, Rob Farmer <r.j.farmer at uva.nl> wrote:
>> Hi Amber
>> One way to check things to delete all the rates from the cache folder
>> then run mesa, then check what rates got written to the folder. If it has a
>> 0.bin then its a custom rate, a 1.bin or 2.bin means its still using the
>> normal mesa rates.
>> Rob
>> On 15 February 2018 at 19:58, Evan Bauer <ebauer at physics.ucsb.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi Amber,
>>> There’s a handy executable in the rates/test directory called show_rates
>>> that will process those binary files you’re seeing into plain text columns
>>> that you can read. Just give it the binary file as an argument and it will
>>> spit out two columns: the temperature in units of 10^8 K, and the rate.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Evan
>>> On Feb 15, 2018, at 10:48 AM, amber lauer via Mesa-users <
>>> mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org> wrote:
>>> Hello friends. I am working on a model that uses custom reaction rates
>>> for many important reactions, though not all. As such I have specified the
>>> rate_tables and cache folder in my inlist, with the former including all
>>> the rate files and the rate_list.txt file.  This has presented a few
>>> difficulties, and led to the following questions:
>>> How can I confirm that the model is using the rates I provide? Upon
>>> inspecting the cache folder I see that it is converting these files to
>>> .bin. What format is that, other than binary? Is there a way to see the
>>> contents?
>>> ​For weak rates, I see that according to  file in the method is similar
>>> to the combination of rate_list.txt and rate files, but the weak rate files
>>> are expected to be in hdf5(hdfs?) rather than .txt format?
>>> ​Also for weak rates, I see that there is also the file ​weak_info.list
>>> which contains slightly different info, the half life and the quantity Qneu
>>> (the neutrino energy?). Can someone talk about the difference between that
>>> file (other than the obvious) and the weak rates tables (similar in format
>>> to weakreactions.tables)? Also, the info in weakreactions.tables appears to
>>> conform to the same data set as described in weak_rate_list.txt, but is
>>> not, to my knowledge, in hdf5 format.
>>> Thanks
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