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AbdelBassit Abdessamed Senhadji sen-abd at hotmail.fr
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Thank you for your response !

Thank you Evan but I already used make_co_wd in the test suite. What i want is starting an evolution between two stars:

donor star is a C-O WD   and for its companion: a star with a  helium core, i want this conditions in the begining of the evolution. Is it possible ?

Evan, for the pre-made WD models in : data/star_data/white_dwarf_models.  We can work with them ? i'm not sure if i understand well.



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Hi Abdel,

There is a case called make_co_wd in the test suite that produces a C/O WD at the end of the run. You can produce WDs with different masses by varying the parameter initial_mass in inlist_prepare_to_make_co_wd.

MESA also ships a number of pre-made WD models in the following directory:


On Feb 14, 2018, at 10:19 AM, AbdelBassit Abdessamed Senhadji <sen-abd at hotmail.fr<mailto:sen-abd at hotmail.fr>> wrote:

Dear mesa users:

I am currently using mesa-r10108 and last mesa sdk.

I want to reproduce an EHes (Extreme helium stars ). To do that i want to evolve a pair of white dwarfs, one with a carbon-oxygen core and the other with a helium core.

My questions is : to reproduce that i have to start the evolution with a C-O white dwarf ? if yes, how i can start with a C-O WD using MESA ?

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