[Mesa-users] Ritter mass transfer equation

熊赫然 xiongheran at ynao.ac.cn
Wed Aug 15 05:27:37 EDT 2018

Hello, everyone:

Nowadays, i am trying to evolve binary system, but when i checked the mdot_scheme, i found something that confused me.

When i checked binary_mdot.f, i found the mdot when i set mdot_scheme = 'Ritter' is given by b% mdot_thin0 = (2.0D0*pi/exp_cr(1.0d0)) * v_th*v_th*v_th * rl3/(b% s_donor% cgrav(1)*b% m(b% d_i)) * rho * F1 and v_th = sqrt(3.0 * kerg * b% s_donor% T(1) / (mp * b% s_donor% mu(1))) , i think it means eq1 (picture in attachment) , but when i read Ritter's paper, i think the mdot that Ritter gave should be eq2 (picture in attachment). I don't understand why the two equations are different or do i make some mistake?

Can everyone help me? 


Heran, XIONG


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