[Mesa-users] Model a star in the HR diagram

Gonçalo Andrade gnmandrade at hotmail.com
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Hi Aaron,

I have made these changes and I'm starting to get results! I think it is running smooth now.
Thank you and Warrick for the help!

Best regards,

Gonçalo Andrade

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Hi Gonçalo,

You haven't said which MESA version you're using; that will influence the answers you get to your questions.

To your second question, search the astero / simplex controls file for controls related to chi2_*_limit (or if a recent version just chi2_limit).  These are typically set to 1000 but you can make them much larger.  The code reports that it can't find a chi^2 for a given model if the total, or any individual term, exceeds these limits.  Also look for controls called sigmas_coeff_* and try setting these to zero.


On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 10:06 AM, Gonçalo Andrade via Mesa-users <mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org<mailto:mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org>> wrote:

Dear all,

I am currently using MESA and I need to make a model of a star as close as possible to a given T_eff and log(L).

Up to this moment I have been trying to use the solar_calibration example in the test_suite and the example in the Astero folder that is available inside the star directory, but I have encountered two main problems:

1) I have tried to remove the oscillation computation, since I don't need it and it consumes time, by removing all the frequencies in the file "inlist_astero_search_controls" and by commenting the &mode sections in the gyre.in<http://gyre.in> file but, once the models get close to the expected, it begins calculating the frequencies anyway.

2) Ignoring the frequencies problem, I have managed to make small physics changes I needed and the calibration by simplex still functions perfectly fine. However, the moment I change the target T_eff and log(L) and the starting mass, alpha, etc, the code runs but always says it could not find chi^2 in that run, and does not present the results in the output file.

I have even tried doing a single run with a given mass, alpha, etc, and copying the resulting parameters to the target in the "inlist_astero_search_controls" and I still get the same result.

Are there any useful commands I might be missing?

If needed I can attach the inlists I am using.

I grateful for any help you could give.

Best regards,

Gonçalo Andrade

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