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Professor Bruno Lustosa bruno.moura.pesquisa at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 17:44:23 EDT 2017

Hello everyone.

I already use the MESA for other things, but now I'm in the path of
oscillations ...
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Seeing the test_suite, the 'pulse_adipls' folder when running it outputs a
certain input frequency in 'run_star_extra.f'. Let's see:

*subroutine extras_after_evolve (id, extra_id, ierr)*

*store_for_adipls = .true.*
*l_to_match = 0*
*order_to_match = 4*
*expected_freq = 378d0*

if I wanted to get 'l_to_match' = 1, ie the dipoles, would I have to
provide any of them?
How do I specify the order in the case and how to do the Numax (maximum
frequency) input?

would I have to do a new subroutine to perform such an action?
thank you all.

Bruno de Moura
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