[Mesa-users] problem with installing r10000

Alex Serebryanskiy aserebryanskiy at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 06:06:49 EDT 2017

Dear MESA users,
I have a problem with installing mesa-r10000 on Ubuntu (Linux version 4.4.0-97-generic, "Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS"), mesasdk version of September 21, 2017.The problem is in eos:
./build_and_test FAILED

the last compiling command (no error at that stage) is:gfortran -fopenmp -o ../show_rates reaction_rate_from_cache.o -L../../make -lrates -L../../../lib -lchem -leos -linterp_2d -linterp_1d -lnum -lf2crlibm -lcrlibm -lm
tx -lconst -lutils `mesasdk_lapack_link` `mesasdk_blas_link` `mesasdk_hdf5_link`

will very much appreciate if anyone can help me with this,

===========================Aleksander Serebryanskiy, PhDFesenkov Astrophysical Institute,Observatory 23, 050020 Almaty, Kazakhstan 
tel: 8(747)9393892e-mail: alex at aphi.kz, aserebryanskiy at yahoo.com
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