[mesa-users] concatenate history.data and save all profile data for all inlists

Ying Qin Ying.Qin at unige.ch
Wed May 17 12:05:57 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I am currently playing MESA with an example (i.e. make_pre_ccsn) in test_suite.  In order to plot the Kippenhahn diagram to see how the star evolves from the Pre-Main sequence to core-collapse, I need
one unique history.data and corresponding profile data. However, there are several inlists for this project. It only saves the information corresponding to the last one, and the previous history and profile 
data will be overwritten.  
Could any users know how to concatenate all the history data and save all the corresponding profile data for each inlist automatically ?

Thank you in advance,

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