[mesa-users] Marlin's request for Tutoring in MESA

Anandaram Mandayam Nayaka mnanandaram at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 23:07:56 EDT 2017

I have perused the sound advice of MESA experts like fxt etc
I am also a 70+ aged retired guy with PhD in astrophysics and still active
in computational astrophysics using Python with all its add-ons..

If you have a powerful windows computer with i3/i5/i7 Intel chips, 8 to 16
and 500 to 1000 GB HDD then I can *personally help* you to set up a 100 GB
Virtual Machine in it through Oracle's VBox. In this LVM we can setup
MESA-SDK from Townsend's
"Mad Star" website and also of course the MESA software (>1 GB size) which
is all in Fortran95.
I will do this *free* but you need to wait till September 2017 when I will
be visiting  Palo Alto for
a few weeks. If this is ok with you we can discuss next moves then. Let me

One way to get familiar with what MESA can do is to visit MESAWEB and
download its output files
for your problem.. I did that on June 8th,2015. You can see it at
Easier way is to use EZWEB.
Mandyam Anandaram
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