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amber lauer amberlauer at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 21:35:37 EDT 2017

In my user profile settings (.bashrc) I have the following values:

# set MESA_DIR to be the directory to which you downloaded MESA
export MESA_DIR=/home/amber/executables/mesa8845

# set OMP_NUM_THREADS to be the number of cores on your machine

# you should have done this when you set up the MESA SDK
export MESASDK_ROOT=/home/amber/executables/mesasdk_1_16
source $MESASDK_ROOT/bin/mesasdk_init.sh
export MESASDK_ROOT=/home/amber/executables/mesasdk_1_16

​and when I do

​$ which gcc

​I get

$ ~/<mesasdklocation>/​bin/gcc

Is this the expected behavior? It's not right? I've actually experienced
this for a few years, but it was easy enough to comment out the lines in
.bashrc when I wasn't using it so I never bothered to inquire further.

Amber Lauer. M.S. Physics
PhD Candidate,
Graduate School of Physics,
Louisiana State University
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