[mesa-users] Setting up MESA on Amazon EC2 Instances

Andrew Mizener amizener at macalester.edu
Tue Jul 18 10:55:08 EDT 2017


I’m a summer undergraduate researcher. As part of my project, I set up MESA on multiple Amazon EC2 instances. This is a service that allows users to rent remote virtual computers. By using this, I was able to get many more runs with MESA completed than I would have otherwise. My advisor tells me that it would be helpful if I shared my knowledge about this with the MESA community. So, I’ve typed up a guide that explains how one can set up and use MESA with this service. I’ve tried to write it at a basic enough level that someone with no exposure to MESA would be able to use it. Since I’m not too sure how the mailing list will handle attachments, I’ve included a link to it below!


Andrew Mizener

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