[mesa-users] new net

Bruno Lustosa bruno.moura.pesquisa at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 22:29:27 EDT 2017

Hello everyone

I copied a network of reactions I came across these errors. What could be
wrong? The reactions seem correct ...

 *add_reaction_for_handle failed in reaclib_parse_handle rne20pg_to_ne21*
* failed in add_reaction_for_handle for rne20pg_to_ne21*
* ierr from add_reaction_for_this_handle rne20pg_to_ne21*
* add_reaction failed: unknown reaction name rne20pg_to_ne21*
* set_net failed in net_tables*
* failed in set_net*
* star_create_pre_ms_model ierr          -1*
* do_load1_star ierr          -1*
* before_evolve_loop ierr          -1*


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