[mesa-users] A question about the pulsation package

yangtaozhi at xao.ac.cn yangtaozhi at xao.ac.cn
Thu Feb 23 05:04:55 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

I want to use the package 'pulsation_gyre' to calculate the frequency of every model, and match a certain frequency, but when I have a try, I find that it always match the final model's frequency when it terminate, for example, in the package /star/test_suit/pulse_gyre, firstly, I have a try to the initial test, it is OK and it can match the frequency (n=0, l=4, frequency=378d0) which is set in the file /src/run_star_extras.f, and it terminate. when I change the frequency to another value (it maybe the previous model's frequency), it will show the bad match for the expected frequency.

I don't know why is it?  Can anyone give me some help, How can I set the parameter?

Thanks in advance.

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