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Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Thu Feb 16 18:20:36 EST 2017


There is a new public release of mesa coming soon that will have a completely new method for doing post-explosion evolution of ccsn up to just before shock breakout.  The treatment of shocks now uses an approximate Riemann solver (HLLC method) and avoids artificial viscosity.  There is a treatment of the effects of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities based on the method of Paul Duffell (2015).   Overall conservation of energy is much improved with cumulative error from explosion to near breakout less that 1% relative to total energy.

That said, the new scheme is still very raw and will probably need some break-in time.   If you want to avoid frustration, don't use it until a 2nd release.  But if you'd like to be a brave pioneer and don't expect lots of help, then you can get an early start when the new release emerges.


On Feb 16, 2017, at 1:30 PM, Subedi, Shiv Kumar wrote:

> Greetings everyone!
> Currently I'm using MESA version 7624 to simulate the Core-Collapse Supernova (CCSN) and compare it to the results in Paxton. et. al 2015. However,  I wonder how would the newer versions of MESA affect my results? Can anyone provide their helpful suggestions/comments on it?
> Thanks,
> Shiv Subedi
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