[mesa-users] negative age and rotation values in "OSC" file

Juan Carlos Suárez jcsuarez at iaa.es
Fri Feb 10 13:26:41 EST 2017

Dear Richard,

We have modified a little bit the previous “inlist” in order to include some atmosphere (the default simple atmosphere)
since we are interested in working with the photosphere radius. So we decided to include the following options in the
 inlist (attached)
! if true, write atmosphere to pulse files

add_atmosphere_to_pulse_info = .TRUE.
! if true, add point for r=0 to pulse files

add_center_point_to_pulse_info = .FALSE.
! if true, add k=1 cell to pulse files

keep_surface_point_for_pulse_info = .false.
! add double points at discontinuities

add_double_points_to_pulse_info = .TRUE.

Curiously, it seems that now the problem of the negative ages and rotation values is solved, but we
do not know why. 

On the other hand unfortunately the computation halted with an error 

failed to open LOGS/profile686.data
 star_finish_step ierr          28
 after_step_loop ierr          28

That is, it halted at model 686, while without the above options MESA reached the 905 models with no errors.

In addition to this, with the above options it seems that MESA has doubled the number
of mesh points (from 4K to 8K). Is that what we should expect? The 4K additional 
points are located at the atmosphere?


> On 9 Feb 2017, at 20:38, Juan Carlos Suárez <jcsuarez at iaa.es> wrote:
> Yes here it is!
> JC
>> On 9 Feb 2017, at 20:05, RICHARD H D TOWNSEND <townsend at astro.wisc.edu <mailto:townsend at astro.wisc.edu>> wrote:
>> Hi Juan —
>> Can you post the inlist file(s) that you’re using?
>> Many thanks,
>> Rich
>>> On Feb 9, 2017, at 12:43 PM, Juan Carlos Suárez <jcsuarez at iaa.es <mailto:jcsuarez at iaa.es>> wrote:
>>> Dear colleagues
>>> I am trying to compute a 1.5 Msun evolutionary model (with solar metallicity) from PMS to TAMS approx.
>>> We have set the options to obtain the .OSC files to be read by our oscillation codes. 
>>> We found that for all the models the age provided has negative values.
>>> Moreover, although no option for rotation was included in the inlist (i.e. rotation should be zero)
>>> we obtain some models with rotation 0 but others with negative non-zero values
>>> Any idea?
>>> Thanks in advance!

Dr. Juan Carlos Suárez 
    Ramon y Cajal fellow at Física Teórica y del Cosmos Dept. University of Granada 
    Facultad de Ciencias. 18071. Granada. Spain
	  jcsuarez at ugr.es | +34 958249056 | www.ugr.es/~fqm292/ 
    Associate researcher at Stellar Physics Dept. IAA-CSIC
	  Glorieta de la Astronomia s/n. 18008. Granada. Spain
	  jcsuarez at iaa.es | +34 958230619 | www.iaa.es

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