[mesa-users] Proper description of MESA use

Michal Simon michal.simon at stonybrook.edu
Tue Feb 7 16:37:26 EST 2017

Ok, thanks.  In the Appendix I'll just state a few essentials and direct
those desperate for details to the site you indicate.  To avoid pollution,
I will not place anything there  until the paper has been accepted .


On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 4:33 PM, Robert Farmer <rjfarmer at asu.edu> wrote:
> Hi
> There is the http://mesastar.org/results website to upload
> inlists/run_star_extras/other file, then in papers people just point to the
> http://mesastar.org site in a footer.
> Rob
> On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM, Michal Simon <michal.simon at stonybrook.edu>
> wrote:
>> Dear MESA Architects,
>> A colleague and I are in the final stages of finishing a paper
>> which makes extensive use of PMS evolutionary tracks calculated
>> using the MESA code.
>> The paper of course references the MESA publications and we thank
>> those among you who have helped us over rough spots.  I thought it
>> would be useful to make available  in an Appendix - or elsewhere- some
>> of the details we specify in the inlists.  The only items
>> that could leave readers guessing would be the abundances (we
>> accept the default solar), opacity tables for the cool stars, and mixing
>> length.
>> Do you recommend anything else?
>> Is an Appendix the place to do it or do you recommend a MESA-specific
>> site?
>> Thanks so much for a robust and wonderfully educational tool^*!
>> Cheers, Mike Simon
>> ^*And I've learned enough to know that like all powerful tools it
>> has to be tested thoroughly and used carefully.
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