[mesa-users] Proper description of MESA use

Michal Simon michal.simon at stonybrook.edu
Tue Feb 7 16:00:37 EST 2017

Dear MESA Architects,

A colleague and I are in the final stages of finishing a paper
which makes extensive use of PMS evolutionary tracks calculated
using the MESA code.

The paper of course references the MESA publications and we thank
those among you who have helped us over rough spots.  I thought it
would be useful to make available  in an Appendix - or elsewhere- some
of the details we specify in the inlists.  The only items
that could leave readers guessing would be the abundances (we
accept the default solar), opacity tables for the cool stars, and mixing

Do you recommend anything else?

Is an Appendix the place to do it or do you recommend a MESA-specific site?

Thanks so much for a robust and wonderfully educational tool^*!

Cheers, Mike Simon

^*And I've learned enough to know that like all powerful tools it
has to be tested thoroughly and used carefully.

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