[mesa-users] Network types and other details

amber lauer alauer1 at lsu.edu
Sun Feb 5 12:01:38 EST 2017

I'm trying to understand some details of fixed networks, please tell me if
my assumptions are correct;

1) Soft nets only specify a fixed list of isotopes, the code supplies any
reactions that link them. Any isotope not listed in the net file is not
treated. These nets are indicated by the name mesa_*.net where * is the
number of species.

2) Approx nets utilize compound reactions, which assume an equilibrium of
intermediate isotopes not explicitly included in the net, and therefore can
treat reactions involving these even if they are not explicitly included.
These are indicated by the name approx_*.net. If this is correct, how is
this different from a network that explicitly lists the intermediate

3) All others are standard fixed networks that treat only the isotopes and
reactions explicitly listed.

4) Network files can be created that are a combination of other networks,
listing them by name. Can these be a combination of types 1), 2),  and 3)?

5) The auto_extend_net feature, which is set true by default, will extend
beyond basic.net to cno_ burn.net and then to approx_21. What if the
 network is changed to something else, will it still look to the co_net and
adv_net networks if the specified net is insufficient?

6) Auto_extend_net does not apply to adaptive networks (if this is false,
what does it do?).
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