[mesa-users] Clarification: velocity of wind

Sanskriti Das dassanskriti at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 16:14:08 EST 2017


I have some confusion with the quantity 'v_wind' which is supposed to give
the speed of wind.

Once I switch "remove_H_wind_mdot" on, MESA starts giving nonzero output of
v_wind. It turns out that v_wind is proportional to mass loss rate , i.e.
if the latter is higher former is higher too;  e.g. for a mass loss rate ~1
Msun/year MESA gave v_wind ~ 1000 km/s and for a mass loss rate ~0.01
Msun/year MESA gave v_wind ~ 5 km/s. I am skeptic of the former large
value. Isn't the usual wind velocity around 10-50 km/s ?

When 'remove_H_wind_mdot' is switched off, but the other kind of winds are
present (say, Dutch_scaling_factor and Vink_scaling_factor are nonzero)
MESA gave v_wind=0. But the wind should always have some speed, right?

Now the question is, what exactly v_wind is ? Does it completely represent
the speed of wind at all?


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