[Mesa-users] Running on OSX

amber lauer amber.lauer at tunl.duke.edu
Tue Dec 19 15:49:37 EST 2017

I apologize that I'm calling for help sooner than I would have otherwise,
running on OSX is not my specialty.

I am trying to troubleshoot problems with *some* models on my advisors Mac.
We set up all the path variables correctly, I think, with the adjustment
for the sdk on OSX. He is able to run
the test model fine. When running these models, however, we get the
following error:

dyld: Symbol not found: _GOMP_PARALLEL
referenced from: /Users/aec/Desktop/AGB_AC/5M_prems_to_AGB_AC/./star
Expected in :/Applications/Absoft16.0/shlib64/libgomp.1.dylib

mesa version is 8845, I don't know what sdk version though I assume he is
working with the one appropriate for his MESA version.

The models that give the error are from v- 9793.

The only things I can think are:

1: The absoft compiler is somehow taking president over the sdk, which
shouldn't happen if it's correctly installed.

2: The version of MESA he is working with and the accompanying sdk have an
old version of gfortran which is incompatible with newer models.

Any help is appreciated.

Link to the models:

models <https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ynKhDUcrN-DH2u-84So1SAipNdAe__cu>

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