[Mesa-users] Is it possible to add a parameter to star.data.inc in order to use it in a computation in the run.star.extras?

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thank you for your reply. I tried to add the lines  to the relevant place in the energy subroutine in the run_star_extras,  yet the run still did not compile due to many errors, so I suspect I didn't uderstand where to add the lines.

Where exactly do I need to add the lines in order to get asccess to "avarage_charge_H"? I declare a new function, I add them to a specific function  or I add them to the energy subroutine and try to slove the compiling errors?

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To get access to history or profile data in your run_star_extras then there are extra functions you can call from star_lib.f90

For history data:
star_get1_history_value(s,'history_column_name', value)

For profile data:

So in your case to get the avg_charge_H you would add to your run_star_extras:

use star_lib ! at the top of the file

then do something like:
real(dp),alocatable,dimension(:) :: avg_charge_H


do k=1,s%nz
end do


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 I am trying to inject energy to a star via the"run_star_extras", and the subroutine I use has access

to the srar_info pointer, so I can use only the quantites that are defined in star/public/star_data.inc to make the energy computations.

However, one of the paramaters I need to use- avg_charge_H (which I can see at the output of the profiles) is not defined in

star.data.inc in any way.

 I found that this parameter is from the ionization module, and when it is passed to the star module via:

 get_ion_info(ion_iZ_H,k), this is from:   star/private/profile_getval.f90  that contains the lines

            case (p_avg_charge_H)
               val = get_ion_info(ion_iZ_H,k)

yet p_avg_charge_H also isn't defined in star.data.inc. I tried to add it manually and the runs still doesn't compile.

My question is: Is it possible to add a parameter that exists in MESA to the star.data.inc, and if it is possible what is the right way to do that?

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