[Mesa-users] python bindings for MESA

Francis Timmes fxt44 at mac.com
Thu Aug 31 09:29:16 EDT 2017

nice. python users should find this interface useful.

thanks rob!


> On Aug 30, 2017, at 11:52 PM, Robert Farmer via Mesa-users <mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org> wrote:
> Hi All
> I have a new project out pyMesa (https://github.com/rjfarmer/pyMesa and also available via mesastar.org). This is a set of low level python bindings for MESA to allow easy access to the individual MESA modules (think eos/, rates/ etc). This is aimed for those people who want to quickly get a result from a MESA module and don’t want to worry about getting fortran code compiled ad working. This would also be useful to anyone wanting to embed parts of MESA into a larger codebase in python.
> This is still a work in progress, so bug reports are helpful. But you should be able to get results from the eos, rates, kap, ion, neu, atm and const modules and there are examples of how to do that in the repository. Unfortunately you can’t run a full star (yet) in python.
> Rob

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