[Mesa-users] [mesa-users] New SDK for OS X; fixes to PGPLOT issues

Matthew Clayton matthew.clayton at exeter.ox.ac.uk
Fri Aug 18 05:02:48 EDT 2017

Hi John,

I actually think you are missing something. The plots which appear in their own windows whilst MESA is running are just that -- extra windows associated with the run -- which is why they disappear when the run is over. They are not, by default, associated with any image files and are not saved. What Pablo suggested, using pause_before_terminate, will prevent MESA/star from closing when the run is finished, so the plot windows won't disappear.

If what you want is to save .png images of the plots, you need to use the file output options in pgstar. In particular, each plot has an associated file flag you can use in your pgstar inist (e.g. the HR plot's file flag is HR_file_flag), which is by default set to false, but if you set it to true then a .png image of the plot will be saved every time the plot updates. There are also other controls handling file names, locations etc that all have "_file_" in the name.

Forgive me if I've misunderstood you and you already know this.



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Hi Rich,

I have an issue with PGPLOTS (PNGs) disappearing near completion of MESA ~r9793 runs. I’m using the new SDK ver. 5.4 but also had the same problem with SDK 5.3.1.

I located a post by Mike Simon in Feb.  2015 regarding a similar issue I believe and contacted him regarding a solution.

It would be great to simply have the PGPLOTS (PNGs) stack on the desktop or stored somewhere easily accessible and viewable. Am I missing something somewhere? Is it a coding option in the config inlists or is it associated with the SDK or X Quartz 11?

Running iMac 2017 w OS X 10.12.6

John Fraser
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