[Mesa-users] [mesa-users] Question about saving and using png/ps plots

John Fraser jtfraser at charter.net
Thu Aug 17 21:14:05 EDT 2017

Hi Mike,

I¹m a new user and novice at MESA but I have the exact issue you raised and
have not found a solution in my search of the archives.:

³ŠWhen I do look at the nifty plots on the terminal screen, after MESA
finishes - say bcz it has reached my age upper limit - the plots disappear,
It would be nice to save the last plot displayed  bcz it shows the entire
.track. Š²

IIRC, when I ran an earlier version of  MESA ~8845 setup the PGPLOTS
remained stacked up on the desktop, which was great. Now it seems with the
later versions of MESA PGPLOTS are not easily saved/accessed/viewed.

I¹ve investigated config options in the inlists but no success. Do you have
any suggestions that are readily implementable w/o major coding changes?

John Fraser

Btw   Lived in Port Jeff when I worked at BNL in 1978 (recall LIE Blizzard
of ¹78)

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