[mesa-users] Running PGSTAR on VPN connection alongside with screen command

Héctor MR hector.mr at pitt.edu
Wed Apr 19 18:39:45 EDT 2017

  Hi Josiah, Evan,

  Thank you so much for your advice!

A possible workaround is to turn off the plot windows (with the
> *_win_flag controls) before you detach and then turn them back on
> after you resume.  I'm not 100% sure this will work, but I seem to
> vaguely recall doing something similar.
> Let us know how that goes.

> The best workaround I’ve been able to find is to turn off all “_win_flag”
> controls and turn on the associated “_file_flag” controls. This at least
> avoids creating an X session during the run, so it won’t kill it when you
> disconnect and close the terminal. And it preserves the ability to have
> images you can look at to track things, just not quite in real time.

  You are right. The way my inlist_pgstar is structured, setting

  Grid1_win_flag = .false.

  has been enough.

> I would of course love to find a way to associate an X session with a tmux
> or screen session, but some googling a while ago suggested that it’s either
> impossible or very difficult for reasons I don’t remember. Hoping somebody
> will come along and prove me wrong!

  This is precisely what I was thinking about when I wrote my email. I hope
anyone can figure this out!


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