[mesa-users] secular modes with GYRE

alfred at gautschy.ch alfred at gautschy.ch
Sun Apr 16 08:13:39 EDT 2017

For selected phases of a star's evolution I am frequently interested  
to learn about the prevailing secular (in-)stability situation. GYRE  
is a tool that has all components to answer such questions. In  
contrast to pulsation modes it is, however, necessary to be able to  
perform frequency scans along the imaginary axis [assuming the  
temporal behavior to be proportional to exp(i omega t)] on the  
frequency plane. As far as I have figured out, only scans along the  
real frequency axis are currently implemented.

Being able to perform frequency scans along straight lines that are  
arbitrarily oriented in the *complex* frequency plane comes in handy  
also when dealing with strongly nonadiabatic pulsations; i.e. when  
eigenfrequencies lie far off the real frequency axis.

So, here is my plea: Would it be possible, in a future release of  
GYRE, to be able to specify a
freq_min and a freq_max, both being complex numbers, as lower and  
upper bounds for frequency scans.

Thank you for considering the above as an item on the GYRE wishlist,

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