[mesa-users] MESA with very large network.

Byeong-Chan Park pbc1918 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 04:10:21 EDT 2017


Hello. I'm a graduate student using mesa8118. I'm trying to create
pre-supernova model based on the massive_rotating test suite files with
very large network.

When I tried to run the code with rp305.net, there is no problem. Thus I
tried to run same code with very large network including 1700 isotopes. The
format of net file was based on the rp.net.

However, the termincal showed segmentation fault problem. I attached image
file including the terminal log (log.pdf) because the terminal was

It seems that the log indicates there is some problem in a subroutine of
'hydro_mtx.f90' file, but I cannot find the way how I revise this

I need your help.

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