[mesa-users] say hello to your new mesastar.org

alfred at gautschy.ch alfred at gautschy.ch
Sun Apr 9 04:22:56 EDT 2017

The upgraded mesastar.org is very nice indeed, thanks to all who invested
their energy and time -- and even their artistic ambitions; visually it's
very attractive and "one-stop shopping" is definitely very helpful in a
huge project that has so many different facets.

If I could place one wish then I would ask for incorporating also the forum
aka mailing-list to it -- in a more phpBB-like organisation. Even after
years living with it, I find it arduous to follow threads, if they do not
happen to unfold in a tight block of backs-and-forths.

Having Mesa Home -- Mesa Marketplace -- Mesa Mailing-List linked together
(referring to each other) in an obivous, prominently placed way that also
not so well experienced users can easily navigate through all the resources
should also be helpful.


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