[mesa-users] Using neu module

Jonathan Baker jonat92 at vt.edu
Wed Sep 28 19:23:52 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I'm trying to grab the neu module and use it separately from MESA, but I'm
having some troubles. My question is twofold.

First, am I correctly understanding how neu_get outputs? My understanding
is that when calling neu_get, the variable "loss" becomes populated with
both the total energy loss rate due to thermal neutrinos, and its
derivatives. Furthermore, is loss(1) the loss rate, while loss(2) through
loss(5) are its derivatives? Also, is the "sources" array similarly
organized, such that sources(1,1) is the pair loss rate, sources(2, 1) is
the plasmon loss rate, etc?

Second, assuming I'm correct in understanding the outputs, for some values
of T and Rho, I'm getting negative loss rate due to bremsstrahlung
neutrinos. For example, if I input T=23095520474 and Rho=20092329582, I get
a brems loss rate of -79390045138215.922 ergs/g/s. This doesn't seem
correct. Am I using the module outside normal operating conditions? Am I
misunderstanding how the neutrinos subroutine in mod_neu works?

I've attached a copy of the sample/src/sample.f I've used to produce the
above result.

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan Baker
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