[mesa-users] finding ZAMS minimum mass

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Mon Sep 26 03:28:58 EDT 2016

Dear mesa users,

I'm trying to implement MESA to find a minimum mass for ZAMS
(the minimum mass for a star which can develop a hot core to be able
 to burn hydrogen as the main source of energy and start main
sequence stage). I started with running the code at MESA\star\work
directory and try to reduce the initial_mass as much as I can and
check whether the code can approach to the limit log_LH = log_L.
 Then I did look for the critical mass where the code fail to
satisfy the condition for initiation of main sequence stage.

We found that as we decrease initial_mass down to 0.113155 solar mass the
code stops with this error:

hydro_newton_step failed to converge
stopping because of convergence problems dt < min_timestep_limit
terminated evolution: convergence problems “

The first question is "is it a good idea at all?"

Normally the code takes longer time to approach to the main
 sequence stage as we reduce the initial_mass. Does this mean
that for initial_masses less than the critical mass for
 initiation of main sequence the code must take infinite
 time to approach the limit log_LH = log_L?

Thank you for your consideration,

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