[mesa-users] Set_new_frac

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 31 10:29:17 EDT 2016

Hi Bruno,

There are many things wrong with your inlist.

>        chem_name = 'SL7'

This should be the name of the isotope, i.e. 'li7'.

>        new_frac = 3.26e-08!

Due to a bug in gfortran -- which may be present in the version you're
using, a trailing ! with now space may mean this value is treated as 0.


>        set_abundance_nzlo = -1
>        set_abundance_nzhi = 1

nzlo will default to 1; you've set nzhi to 1.  You'll only end up
changing the abundance in a single zone.

> however when I start the run the value of Li does not change, remaining SL7
> 1.3681304802041359D-0
> How to fix it?

If you're creating a pre-main sequence model, which I suspect you are,
the composition relaxation won't happen until /after/ the PMS model is
made.  The abundances you see printed right at start up wouldn't be
expected to change.

If I run a model with your inlists, once I get to the point where the
evolution starts, I get a message describing what (didn't) happen and
demonstrating the various errors.

 number of species          18
 set_abundance of SL7   0.0000000000000000                1           1
 failed to find SL7
 check valid chem_isos% names in chem/public/chem_def.f

Hope that helps,

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