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Love to get some more insight into this net. It's no longer produced by a
data file, but by code. It enables a simple net with broad brush treatment
allowing simple simulations up to core collapse.

1. In simulations up to Fe core collapse, the primary central isotope which
remains at the end is cr56 which in my reading conflicts with research.

2. There are some reactions which contain isotopes such as Fe53 and Fe55
which are not in the isotope list. This will not work for data files

3. The isotope Na23 is missing. In intermediate stars, research shows the
main ingredients of the degenerate cores are o16, Ne20, Na23 and Mg24.

So I've been looking for ways to create a simple net which does not have a
big performance hit, but gives results closer to research.

I also wanted to find a net which can simulate up to core collapse leading
to electron capture supernovas. Are there any in mesa which can do this?

Kind regards
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