[mesa-users] binary evolution(timestep controls)

Robert Farmer rjfarmer at asu.edu
Tue May 31 13:52:54 EDT 2016

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> I have changed these parameters
("fr","fm","fj","varcontrol_target"and"max_tries_to_achieve"),adjust them
to large or small.

>"Max increase" limiting the timestep in the terminal output.
So running your inlists, firstly you should probably set terminal_cnt = 1
so you can see every step in the output. In this case your timestep limiter
is b_RL, so take that and search the binary_controls.defaults you find:

!# timestep controls
          'b_RL'                 fr

So you need to change the "fr" variables. You allready said you tried "fr",
what about:

!### fr_limit
fr_limit = 1d-2

!### fr_dt_limit
! Minimum timestep limit allowed for the fr control in years.
fr_dt_limit = 10d0

However, as you being limited by the relative change in radius-roche lobe
radius, and your mass transfer rate is quite high, you may simply not be
able to evolve with a larger timestep and have physically meaningful

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